• Charl Durand

Remember Granny Fae?

I'm letting a little secret out of the bag.

Remember Lori's granny, Fae, from the Whitewood Witches series? Well, truth is, she hasn't always been living in the Whitewood household, as it appears from the two books released so far, The Mushroom Mystery and Death at the Circus.

In fact, she used to be in an old age home called Shady Pastures. That was until she got kicked out, leaving the Whitewoods no other choice but to take her in.

What horrendous deed did she do to get herself banished from the old age home? Well, it's a long story, but has something to do with a clandestine potion lab. Sounds familiar? Indeed.

If all goes well, the story about Granny Fae's shenanigans at Shady Pastures should see the light around the end of August, or thereabouts. Sign up for the mailing list and hear about it first. No doubt there'll be a few free copies bouncing around, if you're interested to know before it gets released.

What else have I been up to? I haven't baked anything in a while, so on Saturday I decided to tackle an old favorite - old fashioned chocolate cake. It turned out so delicious, I might just do so again soon...

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