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Tada! The big news is that a newly manuscript of mine has just landed on my editor's desk. "An Old Witch's Tale" is the story of how Granny Fae Whitewood, witch extraordinaire got herself kicked out of Shady Pastures old age home and landed up living at Whitewood Manor with the rest of her witch family. Hint: No, it had nothing to do with the body of her friend Joe Humberton falling through the ceiling.

It's scheduled for release on 25 October, so mark that date with a thick, black marker on your calendars.

Those of you who haven't downloaded your free copy of Potions and Puzzles should do so without delay. You have only five days left - next week I'll be taking it down! Don't delay!

The biggest news is that Unmasked, the first book in the Venice Murder Mystery Series will be released on Monday, 10 September! It tells the story of New Yorker Brie Cullen who gets uprooted, lands in the ancient city of Venice, Italy, and narrowly escapes death in a case of mistaken identity. It's available right now at the special pre-release price of 99c, so reserve yours now!

Lexi, my writing sidekick, eyeing a bird.

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  • Charl Durand

I'm letting a little secret out of the bag.

Remember Lori's granny, Fae, from the Whitewood Witches series? Well, truth is, she hasn't always been living in the Whitewood household, as it appears from the two books released so far, The Mushroom Mystery and Death at the Circus.

In fact, she used to be in an old age home called Shady Pastures. That was until she got kicked out, leaving the Whitewoods no other choice but to take her in.

What horrendous deed did she do to get herself banished from the old age home? Well, it's a long story, but has something to do with a clandestine potion lab. Sounds familiar? Indeed.

If all goes well, the story about Granny Fae's shenanigans at Shady Pastures should see the light around the end of August, or thereabouts. Sign up for the mailing list and hear about it first. No doubt there'll be a few free copies bouncing around, if you're interested to know before it gets released.

What else have I been up to? I haven't baked anything in a while, so on Saturday I decided to tackle an old favorite - old fashioned chocolate cake. It turned out so delicious, I might just do so again soon...

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  • Agnes Lester Brown

Updated: Jul 19, 2018

After putting Fennelmoore’s feisty witch extraordinaire, Lori Whitewood through her paces in three murder mystery stories, I thought I’d give the poor girl a break and let her rest for a while (not completely though; more on that in the next blog post.) Having returned from a visit to Venice, Italy in late 2017 I dug up my file of Venice based story lines I’ve had stashed in a filing cabinet in my study for years. The result is the first book in the Venice Murder Mystery Series, starring displaced New Yorker Brie Cullen.

The first book in the series, titled The Venice Assassin (well, that may well change, depending on reader feedback) is about halfway done. All I can say is, poor Brie is up to her neck in trouble at the moment. Time for a hero to come to the rescue! …Or, is he the real villain she’s after?

What else is new? Lexi, our calico little lady cat and part inspiration for Trixi in the Whitewood Witches series fell out of our backyard peach tree and ended up at the vet. Fortunately no serious damage, but she limped for a few days with a damaged toe nail.

Ah, the trials and tribulations of a novelist...

Love, Agnes


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